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Holistic System Analysis

truVUE offers a holistic approach to system analysis, with the goal of helping you understand the state of your piping systems throughout your facilities.

Useful Life Predictions

In analyzing your piping system, we not only determine its current state, but we make forward looking projections to determine the approximate rate of corrosion so that you can better plan for the system updates in a proactive rather than reactive fashion.

Determining The Extent of a Corrosion Problem


Orange Man Detective with Magnifying Glass

Do you have a corrosion problem? More people ask that every day. The impact of corrosion usually is felt at the most inopportune time. When corrosion occurs in a fire protection system, whether it’s a sprinkler system or a standpipe system, that inopportune time can result in a loss of life, major property damage, and/or loss in continuity of business operations. Fire protection systems are supposed to operate when needed. The annual testing of these systems can give insight into the possibility of corrosion, but many times building management may wait till there is a leaking pipe or a plug sprinkler before they are aware of the problem. Identifying corrosion problems in their early stages allows for protection against property loss and time to plan mitigation techniques.

Most building owners have the same initial questions when faced with a corrosion problem -- "How pervasive is the problem?" and "How much is this going to cost?" Fortunately, truVUE can help answer those questions. Our approach to assessing a system is aimed towards identifying distinct areas of good and bad pipe in an effort to guide the building owner towards spending money where its needed, and saving money where possible.

At truVUE we have a licensed Fire Protection Engineer on staff, and our technicians have been involved in fire protection system design and analysis for more than 15 years. Given these resources, we can help identify possible corrosion problems by utilizing a systematic approach based on knowledge of the system design and actual installation practices.

truVUE provides a comprehensive field survey, analyzes the data, and assesses which areas of the system are considered "Acceptable", those that require "Monitoring" over the next 5-15 years, and those that have the "Potential for Failure" in the near term. When those classifications are overlaid onto the system design, a clear replacement plan can be developed that includes a remediation effort, and helps ensure that only those areas that require replacement are repaired.

System Replacement Plan