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Holistic System Analysis

truVUE offers a holistic approach to system analysis, with the goal of helping you understand the state of your piping systems throughout your facilities.

Useful Life Predictions

In analyzing your piping system, we not only determine its current state, but we make forward looking projections to determine the approximate rate of corrosion so that you can better plan for the system updates in a proactive rather than reactive fashion.

Restoring Integrity To A System


Orange Man Detective with Magnifying Glass

The ultrasonic investigation has identified the potential for piping failure of the fire protection systems in all sections of the facility.  Water testing demonstrated MIC related bacteria within the incoming water supply for the fire protection systems.  Based on the results of the testing, and the history of replacement, it seems clear that a corrosion problem exists within the facility.  Now what?


At truVUE we have a licensed Fire Protection Engineer on staff, and our technicians have been involved in fire protection system design and analysis for more than 15 years. Given these resources, we can work with your fire protection engineering firm and ensure they are properly informed as to the findings of our assessment, and can then work to create a remediation plan that is right for your system.