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Holistic System Analysis

truVUE offers a holistic approach to system analysis, with the goal of helping you understand the state of your piping systems throughout your facilities.

Useful Life Predictions

In analyzing your piping system, we not only determine its current state, but we make forward looking projections to determine the approximate rate of corrosion so that you can better plan for the system updates in a proactive rather than reactive fashion.

Providing Corrosion Inspection Services


Orange Man Detective with Magnifying Glass

truVUE utilizes ultrasonic thickness measurements to identify corrosion problems in piping. The measurements are highly accurate, evaluating the wall thickness of the piping at various points around the circumference. Ultrasonic testing allows us to see into a piping system without having to take the system out of service.

How does it do that? Ultrasonic Testing is a method of measuring the thickness of the pipe wall thickness through the use of high frequency sound waves. The high frequency sound waves travel through the pipe wall until they encounter a boundary with another medium (e.g. air or water) at which point the sound waves reflect back to their source. By analyzing the reflections it is possible to measure the thickness of the pipe wall with a high degree of precision along with find internal flaws, such as corrosion pits.


We use GE Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges for measuring the wall thickness of piping. The ultrasonic testing device employs high frequency sound pulses that are emitted from a transducer into the pipe wall through a probe which is in contact with the material, as depicted below. The sound waves propagate through the pipe wall, and are reflected back to the probe when material density is encountered. The amount of time that it takes the sound wave to reflect back to the probe is recorded by the device allowing for a highly accurate measurement of the pipe wall thickness. The technician calibrates the equipment often to ensure accurate measurements. Pipe preparation is not usually required unless there is a heavy paint layer.

A brief overview of ultrasonic testing is provided below:

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